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पूजा-पद्धति किसी धर्म का एक अंग है, यह संपूर्ण सत्य नहीं होता

Worship method is part of a religion, it is not the whole truth- rightly said dr Mohan Bhagwat ji rss chief addressing the crowd at lal quila on 17th march 2023 on the inauguration ceremony of samveda urdu translation written by dr iqbal durrani ji.

The event was organised by Arun Pandey - cmd Rhiti Foundation.

The Samaveda is one of the four ancient sacred texts of Hinduism, and it is believed to have been derived from the vibrations of the cosmos.

It teaches us about the importance of balance in our lives and how we can spread humanity through our actions.

We at Rhiti Foundation are believers in the power of spirituality and service to others.

The event was attended by several eminent personalities from the field of academia, politics, film stars and culture.

Dr. Iqbal Durrani, the translator of Samveda, spoke about the challenges he faced during the translation process and the importance of preserving ancient Indian texts for future generations.

The release of the translated Samveda is an important step in promoting and protecting India's rich cultural legacy. Making this historic document available to a larger audience has been a remarkable move and we are honoured to be a part of this journey said Arun Pandey while concluding the event.

For more information on the inauguration of the event kindly click on link.

About the Rhiti Foundation

The Rhiti Foundation is a non-profit organization that works towards promoting Indian culture and heritage through various initiatives. Founded by Arun Pandey, the Foundation aims to preserve and promote India's rich cultural heritage for future generations

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